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ClassicalSampleSpaceLayout Enables layout of OutcomeSets in a Classical Sample Space

DoPowerSet Supplies (Shared/static) code for the computation of the Power Set (OutcomeCollectionCollection) of a given Set (OutcomeCollection)

frmDefineSampleSpace Permits definition of a Sample Space (by noting its size) as well as its Manual of Operations (Set of Orthogonal Sets of Outcomes)

GeneralizedSampleSpace This Control corresponds to the overall Generalized Sample Space; it has OutcomeSet Controls corresponding to the Closed Subsets of that Space

GeneralizedSampleSpaceLayout Enables initial layout of OutcomeSets in a Generalized Sample Space

Outcome Represents the basic unit of evidence which is organized in a Generalized Sample Space

OutcomeCollection A strongly-typed Collection if Outcomes; this Class serves to present Sets of Outcomes; the Sets themselves are Partially Comparable, as is reflected in this Class implementing IPartiallyComparabe

OutcomeCollectionCollection A strongly-typed Collection of OutcomeCollections; serves as a means of dealing with Sets of Sets of Outcomes

OutcomeSet This Control serves as a wrapper for an OutcomeCollection; it is a representation of a Set of Outcomes, but in the form of a Control inheriting from Order.Element

OutcomeSetCollection Strongly-typed Collection of OutcomeSet Controls; plays the same role witth OutcomeSets that OutcomeCollectionCollection plays with OutcomeCollections

POArrowhead Provides an Arrowhead Control used in the construction and representation of Hasse Diagrams


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